The Hollywood BusinessSource Center helped Matias Vanegas, owner of American Cleaning Company, secure a $2,000 microloan to build his website, advertise, and purchase uniforms to expand his business. Matias is an El Salvador native, with many years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. He launched his own commercial cleaning company in mid-2017. Matias recently met with a business coach at the Hollywood BusinessSource Center who helped Matias complete a needs assessment and analyzed his financials. Based on this assessment, the business coach decided alternative lending was the best option for Matias and then helped him create a profile and advertise his crowdfunding campaign. Matias received the funding earlier this year, which he used to create his website, market his business through Facebook advertising, and purchase uniforms. Matias is now receiving assistance in building his credit through an agency that the Hollywood BusinessSource recommended, and is also working with the Hollywood BusinessSource to get his Minority-Owned Business Certification, which will give him more opportunities to expand. “I will never be able to shake hands with each one of you thanks for contributing to my dream,” he said to the BSC. “Every day for me is a new challenge, but many thanks. I will never forget this gesture on the part of each one of you. From the bottom my heart, thank you.”