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The Workshop Forum Includes

  • Social Media Connections
  • Networking -Marketing Numbers
  • Website/Business Database


Leadership & Team BUILDING issues concerning:

  • Conflict resolutions in BUSINESS;
  • Managers-Managing -Managers at work;
  • Moral/Ethical and Legal difficulties also will be COVERED









Helping Professionals & Self-Employed to be Who they ARE, by being their Life-Coach in their Business.Dr. Kory (as many call him) has many years of experience in the field of Psychology. His job experience has been as a Treatment-Counselor and Investigative-Social worker. He had his own business in Apparel manufacturing, but decided to pursue his career in Psychology and then furthered his credentials by exploring his research in Business and Law as well.

Dr. Kory’s philosophical curiosity in the areas of Psychology, Business, and Law led him towards the Path of Empirical understanding of these subjects. In this Path, Dr. Kory has been of assistance to many individuals who have been struggling with personal issues that caused them to hold back from being the Leaders they MUST be to SUCCEED in their Careers.

As a Consultant & Coach the help that Dr. Kory provides to Professionals and Self-Employed is to be of Support & Assistance when everything Else has failed. Dr. Kory provides the Troubleshooting needed as you will by Choice LEAD-YOUR-BUSINESS towards Success.




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